A seamless service for clients dealing with Indian law and business

The World's sixth largest and growing economy. The perfect climate for all sorts of business ventures and investments - large, medium or small. 

Marsans Gitlin Baker regularly advise Indian and UK-based clients on their legal affairs in the UK and India respectively.

The India Desk comprises lawyers with substantial experience advising clients concerning Indian law and business. Fluent in several Indian languages, our lawyers have well-established relationships with the legal and business fraternity in India.

Our dual-qualified (India/UK) Solicitors and Advocates, routinely represent clients on transactions in India as well as on matters crossing jurisdictional boundaries.

Clients benefit from MGB's longstanding experience of working alongside leading Indian law firms. This ensures topical and detailed top quality advice on a broad range of Indian legal issues.

MGB's India Desk routinely handle transactions and disputes governed under both English and Indian law, naturally the firm includes lawyers who are fluent in the many languages from India and have well-established relationships with the legal and business fraternity in India.


Experts in country

Through our strong working partnerships with local consultants and associate firms, we will deliver customised solutions to meet your needs.

We have expertise in a broad-range of matters, including:

  • Company/Commercial
  • Loan Agreements
  • Expert Reports
  • Civil/Commercial Litigation
  • Indian property law
  • Indian inheritance laws
  • Dispute Resolution / Arbitration
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate / Business Immigration
  • Family Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
indian lawyer and client

The Team


Kumar Subramani


Ramakrishnan Viraraghavan


Ravi Rajagopalan


Ria Kotian

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