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Empty office

Protected Rent Debt meets Coronavirus

Signet Trading Limited v Fprop Offices (Nominee) 4 Limited and Fprop Offices (Nominee) 5 Limited. Final Award based on the preliminary issue of whether there is a “protected rent debt” under Section 3 of the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 BACKGROUND The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 (“Act”) offers relief […]
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business mobility routes

New global business mobility routes

Immigration Law Update Five new routes are now in put in place for businesses with workers outside the UK, who are planning to undertake temporary assignment work in the UK.  In this article we will discuss some information about two of these new routes:  Specialist or Senior Workers; and  UK […]
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Madhya Pradesh, India

Mutation of Property in India

Property transactions in India are generally considered to be complicated owing to different local laws that might apply. They also can take time, leading to increased expense. For these reasons, individuals residing in the UK who want to dispose of or buy a property in India are often hesitant about […]
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Notting Hill Apartments

Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022

Implications on UK Real Estate & Foreign Ownership The key provisions of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act (the Act) discussed below came into force on 15th March 2022 Implementation of the Act and the establishment of the new Companies House register for beneficial owners of foreign entities owning UK […]
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Residential Property Developer Tax

New UK Residential Property Developer Tax

On 27 October 2021, as part of its Autumn 2021 Budget, the UK government confirmed the introduction of a new Residential Property Developer Tax (RPDT), which is set to come into effect from 1 April 2022. The RPDT will be charged at a rate of 4% and will be levied […]
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dog and girl wearing mask indoors

Eviction notices and the Pandemic

Pandemic causes changes to eviction notice periods In 2020, the world plunged into the Coronavirus pandemic which has caused an array of different problems in numerous areas of the legal sector. A key issue that this article touches upon is how tenant eviction notices in the residential section would work […]
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Indian Immigration Start up

Business Immigration to the UK from India

With the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, there has been substantial disruption to European investments into the UK. Following Brexit, it was necessary for the UK to enter into bilateral agreements with other countries to encourage investments to fill up the pockets of commercial vacuum created. […]
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Commercial Leases and Rent Reviews

Rent reviews are an inevitable consequence of letting a commercial property. When handled appropriately, it can be beneficial for both parties. An expert assisting with the process reduces the likelihood of any disputes and is a more cost-effective option than hiring a professional arbitrator or taking the matter to court. […]
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India UK jigsaw

Is Brexit benefitting India?

A Solicitor at Marsans completed his Masters in Law from University College London in 2010 and was applying for jobs in United Kingdom. He was unable to get a job in London due to his immigration status as an Indian citizen which was not treated on par with a person […]
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