Corporate and Commercial

Running a business brings many unexpected rewards, challenges and

We deliver focused legal advice and for your enterprise.

Marsans Gitlin Baker's team of highly experienced commercial and corporate solicitors act for businesses of all sizes to make things as straightforward as possible.

Some issues will be relatively simple to manage in-house, but others will be more complex and it is these transactions that can benefit from sound legal advice and an expert, external viewpoint.

Whatever your business objectives are, we see it as our role to help you achieve your goals. We also understand the importance of getting the most out of any deal and our approach is always positive, transparent and tailored precisely to your needs.

We can advise on all areas of corporate and commercial law including:
  • Corporate mergers & acquisitions
  • Restructuring, reorganisations & demergers
  • Partnerships, joint ventures and shareholders agreement
  • Private equity
  • Corporate tax
  • Investments into the UK
  • Commercial contracts and agreements
  • Franchising
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Transfer of Undertakings

We can also access the specialist advice and services of our MGB colleagues to help with any legal matter a business may face including employment, property, business immigration, litigation/dispute resolution etc.


Who we can help and how

Our corporate and commercial law team regularly acts for buyers, sellers and investors across a broad range of sectors. We have experience to advise and assist entrepreneurs, start-ups and private equity investors to family-owned businesses, public companies and multinational corporates.

Our deep and varied business experience means we can provide valuable insights into the potential ‘drivers’ of the other parties involved in a transaction.  This allows us to anticipate possible issues, minimise any associated risks and ultimately maximise the value of your transaction.




The Team


Kumar Subramani


Ramakrishnan Viraraghavan


Ranadeep Sinha


Ravi Rajagopalan

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