Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Expert, commercially astute

Expert, commercially throughout your case

your case

Focused on complex and high-value cases, we provide clear business-focused strategies for resolving your dispute.

With bespoke and responsive Partner-level service, we give clients straightforward, direct advice.

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming. Innovative, responsive, and tenacious, we go to the heart of the matter, focused on achieving a swift outcome with as little business disruption as possible.

Our specialist commercial litigation team aims to achieve a quick and cost-efficient resolution even in the most complex cases.

Our goal is to get clients the solution they want so they can get back to business as normal as soon as possible.

Our effective working practices are not dictated by departmental structures and billing targets, so each client is guaranteed an attentive bespoke service. All cases are handled from start to finish by an experienced lawyer at Partner level, who will provide expert legal and commercially astute advice.

Our clients include international businesses, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals, and private equity capital providers.

Handling disputes with an international dimension is one of our key strengths. We have successfully represented our clients on a broad range of commercial disputes, several involving multi-jurisdictional aspects, including the foreign enforcement of judgments.

Specialist, niche advice

We have handled substantial disputes including a multitude of complex commercial matters.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we can advise you on all aspects of the litigation process, to put forward your claim or defence on the best footing.

When we need to build a specialist team, we call upon our wide network of highly qualified expert advisers, based in the UK and internationally.

Whilst fighting your claim or defence strongly, we do not lose sight of opportunities for settling the case, if that is in your best interest. We are always mindful of our clients’ reputation and business priorities. 

We thus will consider mediation and negotiation as dispute resolution mechanisms if that would help achieve a practical, commercially viable resolution as quickly as possible.

A wealth of experience

Our approach draws on a depth and breadth of experience gained from successfully taking many cases to trial and on appeal. 

We have substantial experience with conducting litigation in other jurisdictions, particularly India, Singapore, and the United States. We regularly act for overseas clients engaged in litigation in the UK, or for UK clients involved with litigation overseas. 

Notable Cases

Negotiating parties

What we do

Our specialist commercial disputes service provides clients with expert, business-focused strategies geared to achieving a quick and cost-efficient resolution.

  • Minority shareholder and unfair prejudice actions

  • Directors’ duties

  • Contractual claims

  • Partnership and LLP disputes

  • Insolvency

  • International law

  • Commercial fraud, undue influence, breach of trust

  • Professional Negligence

  • Property disputes

  • Probate disputes and Inheritance Act claims

  • Trust disputes


Mediation often presents a cheaper and quicker alternative means for resolving disputes compared to full-blown litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Parties may have drafted dispute resolution clauses in their contracts that require them to first attempt resolving their dispute through mediation before taking it to court or to arbitration.

Parties to an arbitration can also agree to suspend their arbitration midway to attempt resolving their dispute through mediation.

We have the expertise and experience to properly advise you on using mediation to resolve your dispute. If your case were to proceed to mediation, we will seek to ensure that you obtain the best settlement possible.

Litigation funding

At MGB, we have strong connections with the key players in the litigation funding industry. Subject to the merits of the case, the economics (damages to costs ratio) and the availability of “after the event” insurance we can help you obtain funding for your case. Our approach is to work constructively with litigation funders to assist individuals and businesses finance their cases.  

Litigation funding is now part of the litigation landscape and a mainstream method for even large corporations and listed companies to fund their cases, and so keep legal costs off their balance sheet.

Litigation funding is widely available through a variety of providers who now operate in the sector, in both larger cases and smaller cases, and in a wide variety of commercial and other disputes.

Please contact Ian Baker or Amarjit Singh for further information.

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