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An update on our previous article, New Year, New Rules.

Skilled Worker- minimum annual salary threshold

The salary threshold for Skilled Workers will increase to £38,700.00 on 04 April 2024. It is important to note that, according to the Minister for Legal Migration, “those already in the Skilled work route, and applications made before the rules change, will not be subject to the new £38,700 salary threshold when they change employment, extend, or settle”. Given this, employers and applicant’s may wish to initiate their sponsorship plans as soon as possible to avoid the increase.

There has been no mention of plans to remove the circumstances where employers to pay migrants less that the baseline threshold under the tradable points, such as for a new entrant  to the labour market (other than shortage occupation). 

Removal of Salary Discount for Shortage Occupation List

In relation to the new list to be put in place of the current shortage occupation list, the Home Migration Advisory committee is working on its recommendations for the new list and will be coming into effect April 2024.

Reduction of Dependants and Family visas

Migrants on applying to come to the UK as a care worker, will no longer be able to bring their dependants. This ban will happen on 11 March 2024. 

It was first announced that the new salary threshold for those applying under the family route would be increase to £38,700.00 in Spring this year. Since then, it has been announced that their will instead be a gradual rise, starting at £29,000.00 on 11 April 2024, to around £34,500.00 suspected later in 2024, and predicated to eventually be £38,700.00 early 2025. 

Given this, individuals may wish to initiate their visa plans as soon as possible to be able to bring their immediate family members with them to the UK.

The home office has announced that “Those who already have a family visa within the five-year partner route, or who apply before the minimum income threshold is raised, will continue to have their applications assessed against the current income requirement and will not be required to meet the increased threshold”. For those looking to settle after this route, appear to also be exempt, however further details are awaited. 

Graduate Route 

As mentioned in our previous article the government has asked the review of this route in line with their hopes to minimise the abuse of this route and for it to work in the best interests of the UK. The committee is expected to report in late 2024. 

Health Surcharge

Following on from the amendment approval from UK Parliament, the Immigration Health Surcharge is set to increase by 66% on 6 February 2024. 

This increase will mean that eligible adults will be required to pay £1,035.00 per year and for children, £776.00 per year. 


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